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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Schooling photos!

Lots of photos from yesterday!

Ryan and Ruben had their fourth ride together (2nd at True Prospects) and their bond is really growing!

As with Ruben, Avebury & Ryan had ride #4 and really are getting along well. There was quite a bit of traffic in the ring and Dillon settled beautifully and really enjoyed having another school off the farm.

Keegan had 2 lovely rides with Bounce & Deb. Hopefully, we haven't worn her out in her first week here on the farm.

Sara was putting the finishing touches on her dressage test with Smart (aka Tasker) for Plantation this weekend. She's running in the Open Intermediate division and we will be trekking over to spectate and shoot some photos.

Wyatt is really starting to come along. Of course, I could not be more pleased as he is a highlight in my day. :)

Atreo is also really coming along nicely.

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