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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ticking along! Updates on what's around the corner...


So let's see, there is a hunter show (unrecognized) coming up this weekend. If all goes according to plan, there are few horses that will be going to compete a bit with one of our working students piloting. :) So that will be fun!

Then there is a chance of taking a few horses next door for a local dressage schooling show the following Friday...just have to decide who is ready to go for an adventure in a new location! Lots to look forward to over there, too! The debate is on for who will go do that!

Then we have our own long lining clinic here on the farm on the 22nd! Sign up sheets and more information are available HERE.

That is also the same weekend as the Plantation Field International Horse Trials over in Unionville! What a super opportunity to see top horse and rider combinations tackling all three phases at a high level in a beautiful venue!
Almost immediately after Plantation, it's time for Dressage At Devon
The Breed Show starts on Tuesday the 25th and Thursday the 27th is the overlap day with the start of the Performance Show which runs over the entire weekend! So if you're a breeder, this is a super opportunity to see all the fashionable bloodlines in person, followed up by some of the top partnerships at the highest levels!
That's getting us through September! October 6th brings a Young Breeders Training Seminar out in New Oxford, PA (near Gettysburg) at Magic Rose Farm. It is also an open Breeders Seminar. There is a sign up form with more information available HERE. If you're curious what the YB Program is, you can learn more about it HERE. One of our working students won awards in France last summer and had a marvelous learning experience about what goes into the "science" and selection of breeding stock!

Don William (L) Adelaide (R)
All in all - things are just getting busier! We'll be trying to get more horses out and about to school and compete off of the farm! All of the sales horses are improving daily - we have a handful schooling through the 4th level tests, so we might hold off on showing until those movements are confirmed and "show ready"! :) 
 Happy Riding!!

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