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Monday, September 24, 2012

For your reading pleasure...

I'll admit to being a snooper, a lurker and a datahound here on the internet. There is no sense in denying what occupies a portion of my day! Seeking information from across the pond, from trainers and riders I respect and the ever-elusive-tidbit(s) that may or may not have a stallion or bloodline on my "Watch List"...the search never ends for all these well articulated facts!

Which brings me to a couple of things -

FIRST this is an awesome article on Eurodressage about the effectiveness of timing, mental focus and relaxation and a whole pile of other things that I can't explain. So have a read through and mull it over.

That site is a big source of breeding, show results, training tidbits and news from all over a handy one to check out!

Then there is a big reading project - Catherine Haddad Staller's blog on The Chronicle of the Horse. It's entertaining. It's got training tidbits. It's got the international perspective of a great trainer and rider. It's pretty funny! So with all of that in mind, I am trying to find the way to link to the beginning of the blog and then seriously stress READING the whole thing in it's entirety - from start to finish. AH-ha! Got IT!

So if you have children, they're in school and have a million activities, so that means some waiting around - download the blog and have a read. 

The light is perfect outside now. The footing is also I'm off to spend some training time with the horses. Happy Riding!

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