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Sunday, September 30, 2012

DAD wrap up!

Wyatt in the Caracol Jewelry booth
 This will be pretty short and sweet as there are chores waiting for me outside. Mom and I went up for the Freestyle night at Dressage At Devon and had a lovely time. We did a bit of browsing in the stores and saw Gypsy Mare Studios work - just lovely! There were several photos of our horses - only snapped a quick shot of Wyatt (who had been so amazing earlier in the day) and continued on to Skylands Saddlery...which I'll get to in a totally separate post in the future.
The moon rising in the east

The moon over the Gold Ring from our seats

The Dixon Oval

So, it was a lovely evening. Thank you to our friends who shared their box with us - we really appreciate being able to have such lovely seating and a great view of both the warm up and the Dixon Oval.

From a (past and hopefully future) competitors standpoint, the flow of the horse traffic of this year's DAD was a vast improvement. Thank you to the organizers to making the breed show safer with "horse only" paths that were fenced off! Thank you to those who made the improved footing possible. Devon will always be special to me and it will be very exciting to show there in the future! <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

Thank you to all of the sponsors for their support of a fabulous show. Thank you to the vendors, boxholders, competitors and staff that make DAD such a success. :)

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