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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It's DAD time! Schooling Snapshots!

Anne & Valentino (1969 TB) at the inaugural 1975 DAD doing a PSG

So it is Dressage At Devon time! Pack your sunglasses, grab a sweater, a raincoat and prepare to watch some tough competition! The show runs through Sunday, so if your not busy training your horses at home all day, every day, it's time to GO WATCH!

Meanwhile, back at the farm...the training continues...

So the ring is super busy most of the time - which is good - because who's gone to a show and had a struggle as the warmup is crowded??? :) Lots to learn, laughter to share and fun time with the horses await! See you soon!

Happy Riding!

ETA: This is my one and only PSA about wearing a helmet. Check the expiration date! WEAR IT! EVERY. SINGLE. HORSE. EVERY. SINGLE. RIDE. NO exceptions. And if you're schooling a greenie - put your vest on too!!!!! Even if you're 'just schooling on the flat'.

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