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Sunday, September 16, 2012


So we packed up two of the mares that enjoy their bit of jumping and met one of our working students from the summer of 2011 - Briana for a day of fun! We went to what our Dressage friends would know as Heavenly Waters...but in the land of hunters - it was the Hartford Hunter Show Series Benefit Show! :)

Wilona and Wylie had a BLAST! They've only hopped over jumps a handful of times here at the farm this year but (obviously) do not need much prep work to go compete! Their intense dressage lifestyle worked just fine...

Wylie competed in the Schooling Hunter Division which had a fairly large group of competitors, from amateurs to professional coaches and trainers.

She jumped very nicely but was not quite "the type" that they are looking for in Hunterland that day. But her changes were clean, her form is tidy and she enjoyed herself, so we consider the day a resounding success!

Wilona rocked the Baby Green Division. Plain and simple. She went in right after Wylie's hack, jumped a beautiful round to capture the blue ribbon, had a small rider error in the 2nd round, a good hack for a 2nd place and returned home with a Championship to her credit! So it's safe to say she enjoys life as a show hunter! :)

So many thanks go out to our crew here at home! Thank you to Monika for videoing the rides! Thanks to Briana for riding with her fantastic style! Thanks to the organizers of the show for running such a friendly show - even my DQ self felt comfortable in the strange environment! :) 

Links and embedded videos will be posted later! Happy Riding!

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