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Friday, August 31, 2012

FINALLY!!!! (whew!)

So the BIG revisions are well started on the website!!! I have the stallion pages still to go and then some riding horse photos to add to individual pages...but it is the SALES PAGES that have gotten the biggest overhaul!!

CHECK it out!! What do you guys think? Does it work better???

I knew scrolling so much was getting to be a real pain in the neck but the idea of highlighting and deleting so many hours of hard work was off-putting to say the least!!! 8-o

So some feedback on the changes would be much appreciated! If you all say it's terrible - I'm ok with it and can revert back to the old system. If you all like it - that's awesome!!! It's much less labor intensive this way - only 1 page per horse to update, instead of 2-4!!! :)

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