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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Schooling photos, 11,100 FANS, miscellaneous stuff

I'll go slightly out of order as the TV is on an Olympic sized commercial break...Thanks to the Olympics for broadcasting the Dressage competition!!! Melanie Smith Taylor is an awesome commentator and it is a treat to see so much of our sport on TV!!!

So on to schooling photos -
Don William WF

Whodini WF

Wallace WF

Daylily WF

Wylie WF

As You Wish WF

Lots of good work is going on with the horses! The youngsters are making lots of progress and each day is just FUN - how can it be anything else with such talented creatures to work with?!?!? :)

And other than that - the Farm Page is up to 11,100 fans. Almost scary to think that that many people know who/what Watermark Farm is... :) Thanks to all of those who take the time to click the LIKE button and comment on the photos!

So the broadcast is back on...check back later for more images and/or tidbits! Happy riding!

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