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Monday, August 13, 2012

So Proud of Wizard!

So this is not a 'formal' video by any means, you will get a good idea of Wizard's talent as an upper level horse hopefully from these clips from last week -

Now you all will see me chatting with mom at B as we go through the test. And then I did start my 4's rather late. The mistake in the 3's was my fault, not his...but it is a nice idea of what he is up to these days. :) 

The plan is to keep working away at polishing the test and getting more expression in everything and then to find some shows as soon as he is legally old enough to show that level!

Sorry that you guys have to click on the link. Blogger is not accepting the embedded code that is cut and pasted directly from YouTube's video embedding link. Hmmmm.

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