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Thursday, August 30, 2012


I know, I know... I had promised to get the Sales Pages updated last week! Things got a little bit hectic as we upgraded our security system!!! The signs will go up over the weekend (Happy Labor Day btw) but we're looking forward to the added peace of mind that 24/7 video surveillance gives us and the animals! I'll post photos of the nifty infrared camera and the signs when they're up! But here's a sneak peek...isn't the yellow flashy???? :-D But the Sales Page updates will go up in the next 24 hours - lots of photos to resize, pages to edit and then everything has to be uploaded to the server and activated.

And it feels weird to be all set to push the "Publish" button when there are no photos on my screen...very weird! Ah well, the day beckons with a clear sky and nice temperatures!

Oh and this is an ETA - A big shout of "Holy Cow! Thank you!" to all our Facebook FANS! We cracked the 11,700 mark this morning. I'll do a more formal post later (with photos and a big fuss) but there is some attrition from time to time, so it's safer to do that sort of thing closer to 11,720 or so. :)

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