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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wolfgang WF and a bit of clarity...

So "Puck" was the cutest of cute babies when he was born. Flashy markings with tons of personality, sweet nature and very easy to work with...perfect sales prospect, right? Well, life didn't take it easy on him and he was injured by his pasture buddies. It was a situation where euthanizing would be the easy choice but he was so vibrant and SOUND, we opted for care and treatment. 

Photos from 1 year ago

Photos from the end of May 2012

So Puck is still sound and BIG!!! He is 17 hands and substantial in his build - think Waldaire-size but a bit bigger as he's not done filling out. He is ready to find a home with a rider who wants to do a little of everything at a low level. You might ask what 'low level' I will elaborate as simply typing it does not seem to have been clear enough to the many people who have called & emailed to inquire about him. A low level horse in our program is one that is going to be suitable for 1st level dressage; he may also learn to jump over logs and such on the trail; he might enjoy going out with other horse friends on trail rides to see what the world holds beyond the arena. 

A low level horse is not one that is an FEI dressage prospect. A low level horse is not a jumper prospect - at any level. A low level horse is not a Preliminary (or higher) level event prospect. 

Puck is priced so that he might find an appropriate owner with low level aspirations. Any of our other sales horses could/would be more suitable for those who have higher level goals. If he does not sell, he will enjoy a fine life here on the farm - someday if we need a babysitter gelding - he could be "Uncle Puck" for the weanlings. So, hopefully that clears up why he is priced as he is, what the future holds for him and the difference in a youngster that is priced at $20,000 vs. $2500. There is a reason...

So if you have higher level goals and dreams, contact Anne to discuss which of the other horses might be suitable for your ambitions. There is room for negotiation with several of them that have not been injured and they have loads of talent...just not the fancy white markings that this guy totes around.

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