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Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Fan count keeps growing...

I know that Mom and Dad have a bazillion friends both in the horse and their respective business community networks. My personal friend count is actually quite small. Professionally, well, I'm their kid, so it's a bigger number.

But our Farm Page just rolled up over 10,300 Fans. That is a HUGE number!!! I am certain that I do not KNOW 10,000 people. But they know the name of our farm and have seen photos of our horses...pretty cool stuff, if you ask me!

So this is an extended THANK YOU to all of our friends, fans, supporters and those who just take the millisecond to tap their keyboard and mouse long enough to click LIKE! You guys are simply awesome and we really appreciate all the support! Comments and feedback are awesome too! ;) You guys are THE BEST!!! Thank you!!!

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