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Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Waldaire Youngster Check In

Wanted to pass a picture along of Warrick. He's been great and couldn't ask for a better partner. We've been continuing to show him in both the hunters and jumpers. He thinks the jumpers are way too fun even though he is the slowest one out there! He is a true hunter at heart, but the jumpers has provided him great experience in getting him more broke. He's just starting to show in the 3ft divisions locally and schooling 3"3'-3"6' at home. He's smart, sometimes too smart and super athletic with great scope. He thoroughly enjoys jumping for sure. The picture below is him in the jumpers at Hunterdon County Horse Show, being ridden by Duncraven's Assistant Trainer, Troy Smith while I was unable to be ridding.
Thank you, yet again for my very special partner. Please give Wally a great big hug and kiss from me!!!

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