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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

There is something about the best laid plans...

Around 3AM a few nights ago it occurred to me that I have not had video footage of the sales horses (Wendy, Lacey, Wilona, Wylie, Kitty, etc.) with me on them! Now there is plenty of video on the Farm Channel, but mostly with Junior riders or a professional.  Lots of those kinds of videos!

Hmmm. "Would people prefer video of me riding, rather than shooting?" I wonder. So, I've made arrangements to have a few friends rotate through and operate the handycam. Mom will shoot stills like usual but we are expected to have a nice cooling trend over the weekend! That means full on dressage tack and a real, bonafide DQ in the saddle! Now I'm not sure if this new endeavor will help to sell the horses but if they will put up with my injured self, it proves how tolerant they really are.

So check back over the weekend and early next week for the new videos!

So check back! Keep an eye on the You Tube Channel! Or Facebook!

Happy riding!

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