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Sunday, July 8, 2012


So I gritted my teeth, buckled down and did massive updates on the website yesterday!! Finally! Wizard's offspring page is updated, so is Waldaire's and I need to get some new photos of Avebury's kids - then his will be too! But the sales pages have been tweaked back into alignment - somehow I had had the brain child to have some of the horses listed on _3_ different pages (birth year, undersaddle & by sire)...what was I thinking???

In any case, if you are browsing through the website and typos, grammatical errors or other whoopsies show up - please send a note and I'll fix them!

Which brings up the fun part of having worked on the website --- Be sure to use your refresh button while browsing!!!!

On the farm news front, the heat is supposed to break for this week, so we are back in full training mode with lots of educating the horses on tap! So that means loads of schooling photos and updates on the various sales horses that are undersaddle. :)

Our Page on FB cracked 10,500 Fans last night which is a total WOW number. Jordan, Argentina, Greece have our US based fans absolutely trumped by a landslide. Thank you's go out to each and every person who have taken the time to LIKE our page, comment on a photo or link and included our Farm in their daily lives. <3 <3

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