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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Photos from Springdale!

So about 2 weeks ago we ventured over to Springdale Farm for an off the farm school. Technically, the horses were IN the show but as they are the only ones in their respective classes, I think of it as away from home training time! :)

In any case, Karin generously allowed me to school her lovely Adamant daughter - Adelaide WF for some mileage. Addie is coming along very, very nicely in her work and really fun to ride! From a professional's standpoint, an outside ride is always sweeter when it is a horse that you knew as a youngster and you can see/feel their development.

Mom rode Atreo WF as a buddy for Wyatt and also enjoyed the unfamiliar surroundings on a horse that she knows very well. Dad was there as our head cheerleader and coat holder, so he also enjoyed a bit of a day away from home.

Wyatt was a bit over the top from the acoustics in the arena but some things are showing signs of great progress! There is still quite a bit for me to work on in regards to my position and timing but overall I could not be more pleased with how we are doing.

And Wyatt got quite a bit of camera time from the ever-so-awesome Bill Alphin. All of these images are his and if you ever want a photographer who can do amazing things with a challenging lighting situation - call Bill!!! He is a WIZARD when it comes to equipment and lighting!

We did have a bit of winter weather arrive over the weekend, so there has been a slight shift to 'winter training mode' here on the farm. The horses are still being worked and making progress but it has taken a bit of the spring out of our steps to be so cold all the time. Enjoy the photos that I took and cross your fingers that this is the last of the cold & snow that we have until next year.

Happy Riding!

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