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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dressage Royal news from Europe!

Thank goodness for Eurodressage! That website keeps us abreast of some of the latest news of what's happening across the pond! This post is going to be a bit of read, hunt down the story and then come back to read what else I have to say...sorry! :)

On the tragic news front - Dressage Royal's grandson ERA Dancing Hit (by UNO Don Diego) broke his pastern during a lounging session on Monday. The full story can be found HERE. If you are having trouble remembering who he is, here's the skinny - a 2008 stallion who won the Danish Licensing by a landslide margin. Apparently, the veterinarians were able to put some pins in, so we wish Dancing Hit and all of his connections the very best during his recovery. This is a LINK to the post surgical tragic!

The finalized schedule for the Nurnberger Burgpokal Qualifying series is published! Last years winner Desperado OLD (by Dressage Royal) is the featured photo if you click HERE. And if you are up for a bit more scouting around the internet, the Oldenburg Verband Homepage has a lovely slideshow running as the intro. The first horse is none other than Desperado OLD and Carola Koppelmann winning the NBFinals a few weeks ago!!

And last but not least is a photo album on Facebook. I know, I know, some people are not going to join as there are invasive qualities to the website but...if you would like to see a few new photos of Damsey (by Dresage Royal), please click HERE. These photos were shot at the Privately Owned Stallion Show for the Hanoverian Verband.

So I think that is all of the most recent news from Europe that involves Dressage Royal. We still have high quality frozen in storage at Select Breeders. He is offered with a limited LFG (6 dose maximum). We have had very good success breeding to him here on our farm over the years and are enjoying his youngsters as the develop into excellent riding horses -

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