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Sunday, February 5, 2012

A fun day with good friends!

Mom and I took Atreo and Wyatt to SFM's second schooling show Combined Test yesterday for an off the farm school. Before anyone gets super excited - we never had any intentions of jumping! We wanted to take advantage of their spacious indoor facility that is still unknown territory for our horses. Karin graciously allowed me to show her lovely Adelaide WF in First Level 1, so Addie can benefit from my show mileage and gain some confidence in the arena. It was really fun to show Addie as Karin has worked consistently to improve her fitness since the last competition in January and the test improved greatly with more swing out of her back, power and a better connection from back to front. Wyatt's Second Level test 2 had moments of brilliance with some extra flying changes thrown into the canter work. He was intimidated by the acoustics but the trot work earned high marks and his walk work was definite progress with things to improve upon for the next outing!

The ever so awesome Bill Alphin of A & A Photography was on hand to shoot photographs with his fantabulous cameras, so we shall have lots of photos to share with everyone in a few days! Bill is one of the kindest souls we have ever dealt with and I can only say the best things about his work. He was a very good sport to give up the majority of his Saturday to wait for our rides. I will post photos soon so everyone can see the horses!

There was one more show listed on the Entry Form - March 10th, in case anyone is interested. I can forward a copy along or you can check out the DVCTA website/calendar for more information. The dressage ring is a small, the jumping course looked challenging, the facility is BIG!

There is also a dressage schooling show on April 21st down at Blue Waters Farm in Chesapeake City. Full size arena, great footing, lovely people - and it is one of the most friendly places to show that we've ever been to! I really can't say enough good things about them! Just an all around great experience down there each and every time!

Last year it was Don William's first show and they do everything possible to make it a safe and fun experience for both horse and rider. The judge is Grand Prix rider and trainer Timothy Mellot, so we look forward to hearing his thoughts and comments in a few weeks!

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