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Friday, February 10, 2012


We're about to hit 500 posts here on the blog! It is a bit frightening to think that I have had so much to yammer about...then I remember, out of all the posts, there have been about 5 that dealt with my own personal opinions, so that makes it easier to swallow the big 5-0-0.

Ah, well. In any case, there is a bit of news - the Farm Page just rolled past 5700 Fans last night. So a very big milestone is fast approaching...6000. With the current pace, that should happen over the weekend. Six thousand people makes me pause for a minute. I know there are billions of people on the planet but still...six thousand is a big number for a small breeding farm. :)

I must say we love technology! Facebook, the internet, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Canon, Apple, DSL, Select Breeders, MVE, Equitainers, all the little things that go into assembling the products of our labors! Pretty cool stuff! Please take a moment and scroll down our Links Page as we have some updates that have gone up there.

Speaking of technology, I shot a few clips of Hansel (aka Wall Street WF) a few days ago from atop Wyatt WF! (Kids - don't try this at home!) Just a bit of fun, of course, and Wyatt is a settled kind of a guy, so he was thoroughly unimpressed by Hansel toiling away with his buddy Francisco...

So I think that's a recap of what's gone on for the past few days. We're about to have a bit of more seasonal weather with cold temperatures and perhaps some accumulating snow. If all of that happens, there is a chance my house will be cleaned and organized for spring or I might just find myself outside with the big camera for a change! Who knows, right?

Happy riding!

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