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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Holy Smokes! Who needs to go south for the winter????

So yesterday was the 1st of February. It was quite warm out, the footing was perfect in the outdoor, Wyatt and Oz got a bath, some manes got pulled...all in all it was like Spring! Hopefully Mother Nature will give us a break and we can make some serious training progress with the horses in the next 60 days!

But I'll need to rewind a tad - we're putting some of the growthy young horses back to work. Their knees are no longer scary looking with a lack of muscle everywhere. And as a bonus, a few are starting to build a topline! The Neck Fairy is due to swing through any day now and leave some of her finest work for the 2008 and 2009 youngsters. :)

And Wizard WF enjoyed some serious camera time!

Wyatt WF wrapped up the day's shooting with a bit of fun in the bright sunshine!

Hopefully we can have some moderate weather until April. That would be lovely and very beneficial to all the horses here on the farm! More time outside, more serious training rides, happier would all just be fantastic!

Happy Riding!!

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