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Friday, February 3, 2012

5500 Fans! New video! New photos!

Goodness, this week is flying by! Especially when we consider it's only February and the 'slow' time of year!

Our Fan Page on FB is up to 5500 Fans! Amazing. Simply amazing to think that 5500 people all over the world know the name "Watermark Farm"! :) We thank you all for the support, the likes, the comments and feedback about our horses. Sincerely. You are all amazing people and we appreciate the time you take to include us in your day.

Here is a video of Wall Street WF from yesterday -

And then some photos from today's ride -

There is extensive video footage from today -

I left it in its unedited state for one reason. Any misbehaving is in reality quite minor. If I had cut out the bits of cross cantering or the scoot and flying changes as he started to canter the first time, it might appear as though there was some genuine BAD behavior going on. So whatever your opinion might be of leaving it intact - good, bad, indifferent - there is the rationale.

And as always, Oreo eventually got up from his restful state and came out to ask why we went in for lunch at 2:30PM...silly cat!

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