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Friday, May 6, 2011

Weekend plans! Baby photos! What could be better?

Oh I can think of a few things - videos of the filly for one!! But wait, she now has a name!!! Wendolyn WF aka Lynnie - thanks to Christine M. for the suggestion!

For those of you who have had a Waldaire offspring and are curious about similar traits with his son Wizard's get - not to worry! There are some strong resemblances! The most obvious is the grounded nature - Lynnie is not fearless, she is deliberate. She is very, very calm about life and seems to look at a new situation, sizes it up, plans a course of action and then executes. But the most telling trait is this expression -

She sees you in the pasture and begins the 'march' to see who you are. There is no aggression, just curiosity and steady eye contact. :)

So enough baby for a minute! We have 2 horses competing this weekend - Avebury WF is running Preliminary at MCTA Horse Trials down in MD on Saturday. Don William WF is competing at Blue Waters Farm in MD on Saturday also!

If you are in either area, come say hello! We'd love to catch up with everyone as it's been ages since we were out and about with the horses in this area!

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