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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Somehow it feels like a busy week has passed!

So it is Sunday - theoretically a day of rest, right? We will take some time for reflecting on the wonderful sights and experiences of this week but that will be between loose jumping some of the young horses, long lining on the double lunge and doing some of the general horse things that may have been overlooked this week.

But what a great week!

So that everyone not intimately connected to the farm understands, our stallions are always being evaluated as to their suitability for staying intact. The critical eye goes beyond the standard of good conformation, 3 excellent gaits and holds their temperament and mind to a higher standard as we have to handle, care and ride them each day. If we decide to geld a stallion, 9 times out of 10 is it purely because they are maturing at a time when we are stretched a bit thin with our time and the life of a gelding is far simpler than that of a breeding stallion here at Watermark Farm. A few weeks ago, our first foal by Wizard WF was born and we have been very pleased with her uphill carriage, elasticity and correct conformation. That being said, we have had stallions in the past that can not handle their hormonal impluses and they soon have an appointment with the vet. So now that everyone is on the same page, Wizard went to SBS for his first collection of the 2011 season and had super numbers - so that helps to ensure his status as a breeding stallion as we won't stand a stallion with poor motility, longevity or concentration - it just is not worth the expense/hassle/liability. But with 22 billion sperm to his credit, one item was checked off his 'Stay A Stallion List'. The next component of having a breeding career here is that of rideability. Our stallions have to deal with mares and foals in close proximity to the riding arena. Wizard is focused and attentive to his rider - here's a snapshot of him wearing his first double bridle with Wallstreet Rose, Wendolyn, Waverleigh and Windrose in the background on Thursday.

Check another item of the SASL!

Then there is the challenge of showing a breeding stallion. Some stallions are very territorial and arrive at a new location and are a bit over the top with their insecurities and other issues. Wizard showed at the Blue Goose Schooling show in Cochranville on Saturday and was a gem. The warm up situation was a bit of a challenge but he was a very good boy in the FEI Five Year Old Test earning a score of 70%. Here are a few snaps by Anne of Wizard and Ellie -

So while Ellie is very sad that she is not riding up to her standard prior to the car accident, the judge was very impressed with Wizard. She likened his movement to that of a classic Warkant descendant and praised his uphill gaits and relaxed, clear 4 beat walk. The farm opinion of Wizard having a bright future in sport was also agreed upon with his talent and demeanor. Some of the comments from Judge DeVoe - "Very attractive type!!" "shows great potential." Trot had "clear rhythm" for a score of 7.5, Walk received an 8.0 and comments on good relaxation. So we are excited for Wizard's future both in breeding and sport!

Here are a few snap shots of his daughter Wendolyn WF (out of Wallstreet Rose WF by Wallstreet Kid) -

We do have a few big announcements and changes to the breeding options for this season but it is time to go to do the morning turnouts and check back later for the new news!

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