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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Photos of our filly and awesome opportunities for breeders!

We'll start with some extra special cuteness for today's post! We have decided (after some awesome suggestions from everyone on Facebook and COTH) to call our Easter filly Wendolyn WF! Her barn name is Lynnie and she really is as sweet and smart as she looks! The morning started with her early turnout and a giant leap from the dirt near the gate onto the grass followed up with a lovely line of 22 one tempi changes! All of which were clean, uphill and lovely! It's never too soon to take note of upper level potential and we are confident this young star has a very bright future indeed!

So here she is -

Now for the breeding news - Mom and I took a tour of the NEW SBS facility in Chesapeake City, MD. It is FABULOUS!!!! Just a breeder's dream come true - and that is speaking as a stallion owner and mare owner! You can check it out on Facebook or their website. If you are in that area during business hours, please take a few minutes and arrange a tour - it is worth every second of your time to see the new facility and learn about the cutting edge technology that goes into ensuring your mare gets the highest quality product! It is also worth mentioning for Mare Owners who are uncomfortable utilizing frozen semen at home - they do offer breeding services there as well! Please give them a call - (410) 885-3202 and go see SBS! :)

Now for our PA/NJ/DE Mare Owners - our fantastic veterinarian Dr. Sarah Sprague offers full reproductive services at her facility as well! We have had extremely good luck with Frozen Semen with our mares under her management, so please consider sending your mare to her whether it be for Fresh or Frozen breedings. She is a rockstar! ERS's Facebook page is HERE and this is the website. Check out ERS and we honestly can not say enough good things about ERS and the mare management! :) All the foals born since 2007 are a result of Sarah's dedication and hard we'll let them speak for us!

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