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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Updates, photos and a bit of video -

First up - congratulations to Artesian WF and his junior rider!!! They won the Equitation at HITS @ Culpepper just a short time ago! We lifted this photo from Facebook but it shows how happy they are!!

The farm website is massively updated - most of the Sales pages, the foal of 2011 has her own page, Avebury, the colts of 2008, Dressage Royal's offspring page, Waldaire's page, Waldaire's offspring page, the mare's pages, Wallace, Wakanda, Wall Street, Wallstreet Rose,'s pretty much about 80% of the site that has been revised. Please take a few moments and peruse through - if you catch an error, typo or broken link or missing photo - please email

The yet-to-be-named filly by Wizard WF has a bit of VIDEO up. Have a look - she's a bit food oriented and just a love. We couldn't be happier!

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