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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Attention Breeders! Thank you Veterans!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to everyone! Please take a moment and give thanks to those who have sacrificed and served our country providing us with security and freedom. It would not be possible to do so many things without the men and women who have given so much for their country and its citizens.

Now for the farm news -

Avebury WF's show jumping round from the VA HT CCI* can be viewed HERE and HERE. It is in 2 parts and we can not thank Susanna Holder enough for taking the time to shoot Ryan's lovely round on the iPhone. She is a very good Intermediate rider in her own right and the most excellent groom who has been part of the team who have taken such wonderful care of Avebury when he is at Phillip's. We can not say thank you enough times to Susanna and the rest of the gang...they are fantastic! Full props have to go out to Ryan as the show jumping course had caused several eliminations, rider falls and plenty of challenging rides for the horses leading up to Avebury's double clear. Avebury was one of just 3 horses in his division to finish on his dressage score.

So while we are speaking of Avebury - he is home for a bit and available to breeders via fresh semen. We are recommending that Mare Owners consider the Per Collection Contract as he is available for just a few weeks and has had outstanding breeding results - super concentration, motility and longevity. His first cycle conception rate is also very, very good, so this is an opportunity for a fertile mare to have a foal for a discounted price! This is also a great opportunity to breed to an up and coming eventing star!

And now we're on to the Breeding News - Select Breeders is closed on Monday May 30th for the holiday. Normal collections and frozen shipments resume Tuesday May 31st. Thank you for your understanding. This holiday interruption of services is another good reason for Mare Owners to consider using Frozen Semen as it is always there for your breeding needs! Please take a moment and read the information that is available on the SBS Website and familiarize yourself with the advantages of going with Frozen over Fresh Cooled!

And now for the other big May News - we've had a bunch of equine birthdays! For a look at all our May Babies, please click HERE! Enjoy!

We are going to the Cross Roads Tack Show at Linden Hall on Sunday with Don William WF and our longtime client (and good friend) Karin with her Adelaide WF. Lots of photos will be taken, fun will be had and those will be added Sunday night!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

So I think catches us all up on what's what here on the farm...for now!

Check back soon for more updates!

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