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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wellington is so much fun!

Grateful doesn't come close to how I feel these days - I am so blessed with having been able to come south and enjoy some of our horsie contacts and to make new friends! The weather has been outstanding - maybe a bit too nice and sunny as my legs are a wee bit burnt but it is nice to just be warm. :)

The people down here have been exceptionally kind and understanding - couldn't ask for better 'old' friends and I've been so fortunate to meet new friends who are also extremely positive and fun!

It's late Sunday afternoon and I spent the morning at White Fences Equestrian Center with Wally's former owner - Dana! She is a very accomplished FEI trainer and just a super person (who else would have been generous enough to share the big fella with ME?) :-D We had a super time at the show and it is really lots of fun and a super venue. When we finished a bit of lunch, Dana took me up to the "new" White Fences facility - which is just gorgeous!!!! There are 8 spectacular rings and lots of stabling, so it was a treat to see 2 such nice venues within less than a 1/2 mile of one another!!!

The small chunk of the afternoon was spent with the awesome folks at Equalign! They rock. Plain and simple. My neck and shoulders have never felt better and (brace yourselves) my ELBOWS are staying in all the time when my shoulders are back!!!! It's like the Christmas miracle! :) Wendy and Dave are just super fantastic folks and WOW the work they do is stellar. The whole trip to FL has been totally worth it to have my body all put back together and ready to start riding! :) I am trying to organize bodies (horse and equine) for them to do a stop on their way back north to CT. If you are interested in having an adjustment - just email me and we can set something up for April. :)

So with that as a bit of a photoless update - I hope everyone is doing well and they are enjoying their days. So excited to get home and go to Rothman but it will be tough to say goodbye to all my good friends down south - both the old ones and the new! So this post is turning into an early 'you guys are awesome & thank you so much' note!!! :-D

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