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Saturday, February 26, 2011

A bit of undersaddle news on the horses and a few shots from Wellington!

So the weather is pretty darned near perfect here in south Florida. :) Aiken is/was fantastic but I find myself growing used to being kissed by the warm sunshine, a gentle breeze that is both refreshing and cooling and then the super friendly folks that are here.

There are some photos to resize of Dana and her fantastic Redford. It was great to catch up with her yesterday and we had a lovely chat catching up on all the events in our lives since the last is always good to see an old friend! Redford is doing super and it was just a fun day.

I've gotten to go back to the Wellington show grounds and enjoy all sights, smells and people that are there - just really fun to visit another 'new to me' place.

Mom and I had a chat and the word from Roddy Strang (Sport Horse Training, Inc.) is that Whodini and Wall Street are doing fantastically in the training. Both geldings are 'uncomplicated, willing and extremely straight forward'. :) We couldn't be happier to hear such wonderful things about the youngsters.

Speaking of youngsters - there is a lovely 4 minute video of Don William WF here on my MacBook Pro and I am completely unable to upload it to You Tube. Talk about FRUSTRATING!!!! I'll keep messing with it and get it up for everyone to enjoy as soon as I can figure out what I'm missing...

So check back in a day or so for links to Liam's video and then to See Dana and her Redford! :)

Talk at you all later...

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