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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Eventing Rocks!

The USEA (United States Eventing Association) is really on the ball! They have had online entries for several years - that store your horse/rider results and electronic signatures. Event Entries also has LIVE scoring for the competitions they accept entries from! No waiting days and days to see how a division turned dressage. Now they have really stepped it up - the USEA now has all of their entry forms ONLINE!!! The system even stores your Coggins test, signatures...pretty much EVERYTHING! :) Color Watermark Farm happy to be able to avoid a special trip to the Post Office, all the wasted paper, ink...this is so much more efficient and secure!!!

When will the USDF get with the program????? *Rant Over*

So onto the real reason for mentioning how awesome the USEA is -

Live Scoring is up for Sporting Days Horse Trials! Avebury WF (our licensed stallion) is competing for the first time this season with Ryan Wood! Check the Open Training Division for how they're doing today!!

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