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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Just to set the record straight...

The horse industry is an interesting place! Through the extensive network of horse breeding, raising, training and competition in the 50+ years we have made many friends. Along with having made so many good friends there are a few people that seem to feel the need to spread gossip and ill feeling towards us personally, Watermark Farm and our horses.

So to lay some of the current rumors to rest-
1. No, we are not going out of business and getting out of horses entirely.
2. No, we are not selling all of our stock. (currently there are some good deals to be had though on some of the riding horses and young stock)
3. No, we are not bankrupt and/or in dire straits.
4. Yes, Anne did have shoulder surgery in December and is progressing nicely in her rehab & physical therapy.
5. Yes, Ellie was in a car accident in November and is still not able to ride but sees the specialist in early March and is hoping to be back competing by early May. (at the latest)
6. Yes, Bill is doing fine and looking forward to the spring like weather we are due to have over the weekend.

If anyone is curious as to the current status on a horse, individual person or the state of the farm in general – be a dear and contact us directly.

So now that that bit of unpleasantness is out of the way, onto more important things!

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