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Monday, February 14, 2011

Good luck to our other four legged friends!

Westminster Dog Show is in full force today! Good luck to our friends who are up in NYC enjoying their canine companions! There are results and day sheets available here if you would like to keep up with the current placings and have a ringside seat.

Special good luck wishes go out to our good friend and member of the WF family - Karin Roseman! Her Great Dane "Daisy" is going into Westminster ranked as the Top Female Great Dane in the COUNTRY!!!!!! Whooohooooo! Fingers crossed that the Diva struts her stuff and shows to the best advantage! Good luck to Karin, Zak and Ken as they are watching their girl show off what makes a Dane such a good dog! Daisy has a lovely webpage with a progression of photos that show off her loveliness from her puppy days to the current magnificent manifestation. :) Enjoy!


Here is Daisy's breeder's website. Daisy's show name is Hladik's Jump Up and Kiss Me - so keep an eye out for her name in tomorrow's results!!! Good luck to the Roseman family, Hladik's Great Danes and all the competitors at Westminster!

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