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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Training Updates

As the fall has progressed, so have our young horses! Wylie has returned home from Roddy Strang's Sport Horse Training, Inc. over in Kirkwood. She is still a brave and sensible horse out in the open and just very, very smart about new situations with a high degree of focus on the humans around her. It is always quite fun to have the youngsters go away looking so immature and then return in a few weeks with a mature mental outlook on their world. Wylie is a fascinating blend of her sire, Waldaire, and Amelia by Again and Again...very intelligent and sensible with enough 'flash' to draw attention to her. With the low pressure weather system sitting down near South Carolina, we will be working horses in the indoor arena for the next few days, so still photos might take a bit of time to get (natural light looks much better) please bear with me. Wilona (Waldaire x As You Wish by Adamant) has taken Wylie's space over at SHT, so we expect her to return home in about a month with the same transformation into a mature, settled youngster. Wilona was actually quite annoyed that she was not the first of the fillies to go to Roddy - always the first at the gate, following you in the pasture, so her wish has come true. She is important and will be the center of a human's interest each and every day.

On the competition news front, our past broodmare, Aly Alice xx is enjoying a show career with Jessy MacKnew in the jumpers. They competed down at Frying Pan Park in Herndon, VA last weekend and had a very successful show. Congratulations to Jessy on her fine riding and I will post photos as soon as they arrive on my desktop! It is worth mentioning that Aly Alice is Wylie's maternal grandmother.

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