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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another photoless post

Sorry to not have any photos from today but I can not allow any more time to pass without giving some serious praise to Again and Again & Waldaire. Their little descendant Wylie is one of the most cool customers on the planet. While I was riding her today, Mom and Pat were setting the new jump course and she could have cared less about the tractor that was moving standards & rails, the barrel that is part of the corner jump, the gate, the cones...none of it bothered her in the slightest. For a horse who has roughly 60 days of training, I am thrilled to bits. Her gaits are steady & relaxed and she is just a lovely ride.

It is one of the most rewarding experiences to have ridden this young horse's sire, her dam's full brother, her maternal grand dam and maternal grand surprises, no excitement and just a lovely mind to work with. She is quite intelligent and you only have to teach her something once - she's got it after that! Wylie is a good girl all around, that is for sure!

Extra carrots for Wylie tonight!

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