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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Schooling photos

We took Atreo WF, Avebury WF & Ruben WF over to True Prospect Farm. Ryan had lovely rides on Avebury & Ruben. The jumps were not quite as large as usual and it the rides focused more of technique and it was a super school for both horses.

Atreo got to hang out and then had a nice school while Ryan started teaching a lesson to a delightful lady who had a beautiful mare.

On the farm news front, Wylie has returned home to continue her education as a riding horse. As we have come to expect, Roddy has done another outstanding job teaching her the basics of being a good citizen while carrying her rider. It is always quite interesting to see how much they grow and change while away from home. She is very demure about returning to home...nothing seems to faze this young lady! Photos to follow of Wylie's adventures here on the farm!

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