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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Riding horse update

I am so excited about the awesome ride I had on Wylie this morning!!! She is a star! Just so very grounded and pleasant to ride! Very balanced, obedient and! What a good girl!

She was my third horse of the day and there are just not words to express how excited she makes me for the future...she's really a fascinating blend of Waldaire and Again & Again with her balance and power combined with a willing attitude. Wizard (Waldaire/Again & Again) was my first of the day, so it is like having a dream come true to have so many mini-Waldaires to ride in one day.

Her 'auntie' Lacey was my second to last horse of the day and the resemblance is astounding...they are both by Waldaire and while Wylie is out of Amelia (Again & Again x Aly Alice) Lacey is out of Aly Alice. Lacey is a 2005 model and it is just so cool to have such closely related horses to sit on in a matter of hours. :)

All of the other riding horses have been wonderful this week and Tasker is on the mend, so I must say 'Whew! We're getting through it.' :)

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