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Friday, November 20, 2009

HOY Awards are out and what a great year!

We got our official notification for the Horse of the Year Awards for 2009 today. As You Wish WF (Adamant x Volante by Volturno) was the Overall Eventing HOY!

Our former broodmare Aly Alice (Aly North x Hot Beat by Bold Lad) has been quite busy with her rider Jessy! Here is a bit of a note from Jessy's mom Barbara -
"Well, it has been a busy few weeks. We were bringing Alice back to work. Things have worked out wonderfully. I actually expressed the 2009 Youth AWR Entries for Hunter & Jumper 2009 just for the last month for Jessy & Alice. I managed to squeeze 2 shows in right before the cut off. Jessy & Alice are doing great together. The first show they went to at Frying Pan Park, Herndon, Va. It was a Jumper Show and they jumped in 4 classes with 30 riders in each. They placed in all, had clean rounds and made the time. By the last class Jessy and Alice were cantering all the jumps. Alice is truely an incredible jumper. You were right! Point her towards the jump. You can see her prick her ears and lock on... Alice is beyond the Queen Bee in the pasture. She spends her day in a pasture with 2 little Pony Club ponys and a 7 month old Chincoteague Pony. She is the Supreme Ruler. She comes in at night to her heavily bedded stall. She is a little on the skinny side right now. She dropped a good bit of weight at the trainers the month she stayed there for her refresher course. So she is enjoying the process of putting weight back on. She is on Oats, small amt of Sweet Feed, Rice Bran Pellets, De-wormer, & Vitamins. The kids dote on her and she loves it. Jessy's confidence in riding her improves each time they ride. It is incredible to watch them. The photographer took some great shots of them jumping at the Jumper Show Nov 8th. When the disc comes I will send you some of those pictures. This is a shot of the last show at Frying Pan Park, Nov. 14th (a Hunter Show, VHSA). They rode in 3 divisions, 9 classes. They placed 6th in one class and did not place in any others. We don't ride Hunt Seat so we were lucky to place in anything at all. But they took all jumps and it was a good, safe & successful show."

The follow up email note arrived just a few minutes ago - "Jessy & Aly Alice won 1st Place in the American Warmblood Registry Youth Awards Program, Jumper Division. I cannot wait to tell her when I pick her up from school!"

So congratulations to Alice, Jessy and As You Wish for such a successful year!

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