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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A beautiful day in the outdoor ring

It seemed like it had been ages since the weather was nice enough to allow us to ride in the outdoor. Now, there is nothing wrong with the indoor - you're out of the weather, dry and warm - but the sunshine was brilliant all day and the footing was perfect thanks to Mom's efforts yesterday. The horses all seemed to thrive today...just loving being back outside and so did I!

Wylie and I had a marvelous time - even after our babysitter grown up buddy left the ring...she just keeps going nicely forward and has super balance. Puddles were no big deal and she is a super fun ride.

Wylie has definitely inherited Waldaire's canter - it is so smooth, ground covering and balanced - just delightful from the first stride! And I'll admit, it makes me a little teary to have another 'chip off the old block' to ride...he's been such a good boy and a gift in my life and to have another super prospect that's just like him, well, it is special in a softie-sort of way.

Wylie's pretty level headed too - she didn't mind when the 2009 youngsters galloped right next to the ring. Or when her old turn out buddies on the hill left the round bales and went out of sight up the hill...she just kept trotting and her focus on what I was asking her to do. What a super star she is!

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