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Friday, August 14, 2009

So all you bargain shoppers out there!

As the economy is what is...I have been observing the saggy knees in my every day schooling breeches and lamenting the cost of new full seats. Well, the wallet need not despair any longer - there was a handy ebay seller parting with some breeches with the prices starting at $75...

Needless to say, some are in transit and will shortly be available here on the farm for closer inspection!

On the horsie front - the youngsters are heading off to Vince's in the morning for a bit of a hunter show for a change in routine. Kitty may be going along as the babysitter and hit a few classes along the way as well. Adelaide and Wendy are rounding out the group. Sara will get to don her Hunter Princess attire and I will possibly be seen in a hack class. (brace yourself Hunter World)

So check back tomorrow for some photos and results.

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