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Friday, August 28, 2009

Another awesome jump school at Sally's

We took another lesson over at Sally's yesterday. The horses were awesome (again).

Kitty and I worked on more complex lines & went from jumping a few jumps (3-4) to more of a mini-course of 6-7 fences. She is so awesome and we are really building a good partnership...

Melissa rode Artie as her send off to college final ride. He was a bit surprised that he was supposed to JUMP these things - quite a change in his life from the FEI dressage ring! But once he figured out what she was asking him to, it was no big deal!

So with many thanks to Melissa for all her hard work over the summer, we wish you the best at college and hope to see you when your schedule allows!

Sara had a lovely school on Alexis. It was their second outing to Sally's but first real school over fences. Like her full brother, Avebury, she loves to jump and shows quite a bit of talent over fences. Sara did a great job helping Alexis to understand what she was being asked to do and rode her beautifully.

And it goes without saying that we all learned alot from Sally and had a great time!

Sara & Lacy and Kitty & I will be heading to Fair Hill for the Cross Country schooling on Sunday, so check back for those photos!

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