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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Show results!!!

I'll start with the big thank you's - Melissa gets major props for helping to clean the girls and shooting photos, Sara gets them for riding like the pro that she is, both Mom Rawle and Mom Gartland drove with all their experience and were the ultimate horse show moms making sure we all had drinks and a big thanks goes out to Chuck for being our cheering squad!

Adelaide was Reserve Champion of the Baby Green division with 2 Second places and 2 Thirds. This was her first outing over fences, so we were very pleased and she had a blast!

Kitty was also Reserve Champion of the Novice Hunter division with 2 Seconds, a Third and a Fourth. Kitty was second in the hack!!!! It was a real treat to get to watch Kitty and Sara jump 'round together!!!

Wendy and I hung out at ringside and just spent the afternoon baking in the sun. But she is there to get used to the show atmosphere and commotion more than to compete at this point. She's a real overachiever, so being patient and doing nothing is quite a challenge!

Sara also showed her Glenhaven Tanzania to a Reserve Champion in the Pleasure Hunter division!!!

It was a very hot day and quite a success!!!

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