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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A wonderful stallion that is available here in the US!

So a few years ago, I went out to Wisconsin (in February --- NOT recommended AT ALL) and saw a couple of stallions that are from outside our breeding program. The big man at the barn was Nancy Maloney's Ironman - a proven jumper and hunter breeding sire, nice guy, tons of fun to ride and just a gem.

The younger stallion was an import from Germany. His name is Barleone and he is a love...just sweet as can be, relaxed & good natured and very kind. Now that all being said, his sire Barnaul is quite famous over in Germany even though he has passed away. So here is Barleone's website - and this is his sire's - There is an English version...I just have to find it and add the link. In the meantime, have a peak at the photos! Such pretty boys!!!

In any case, there is a local breeder here in PA, who bred their Galoubet mare to Barleone. This is Big Ayr LSF (aka Britt)...

She is quite a mover and a very special filly! If you have some time, check out her website -

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