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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Last chance reminder for the AWR/NASPR Inspection

So the website is in limbo at the moment...our inspection page is out of date, the schedule is not up and lots of folks are unsure if we are hosting this year.

The answer to the hosting question is YES, we are having our AWR/NASPR inspection on Saturday July 11th. There are still a few days to get your paperwork in order with the office but you have to contact them pronto! Please call or email the office to be sure that your spot has been reserved - or (406) 734-5499.

We have ample parking space, the usual inspection spaces - the indoor for loose jumping and for those horses who think our 3 rail fence is an inviting jumping height and the outdoor for photos and the rest of the inspection process. I can have a videographer on site if participants are interested (, Bill Alphin is lined up to take wonderful photographs ( My house will be tidied and ready to shield us from the sun while we all eat lunch. The farrier will be on site for the use of his forge for branding, the vet is on call...and if there is anything I have forgotten to mention - just shoot me an email and I'll double check that that item is taken care of as well!

So to recap -

Date: 7.11.09
Time: 8:30 AM Start
Order of go - Stallions, Youngstock (Yearlings, Two year olds), Older Equines (3+ years), Mares, Mares and Foals, Foals of 2009.
Noon - Lunch

Photographer - Bill Alphin
Videographer - VideoByPatrick

If you are interested in having your horse or pony go through the inspection process, please contact the AWR/NASPR office immediately - or (406) 734-5499.

As always, we are hoping to have a great turnout with lots of spectators, so if you are in the area that day - please stop in and see the lovely products of American breeding programs! :)

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