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Monday, June 29, 2009

Another schooling day for youngsters

Lacy (Wallace WF) and Kitty (As You Wish WF) had a lovely school off the farm today over at Laurel Hill Farm in Unionville...what a pretty farm it is, too! Lovely rolling hills and just a breezy, sunny afternoon. Sally and Kitty had a great time cantering and jumping everything that was there in the field, while Lacy and I strolled around looking at all the material. (please note - I am NOT an event rider by any stretch of the imagination!!!!)

I am digging through the photos looking for some mom might have taken of me & Lacy, but am not too optimistic...something tells me you guys will need a photo of me with short stirrups to believe I was actually out there in cross country attire! :) Needless to say, Lacy was a very good girl - calm and relaxed in her new surroundings and we had a nice trot around all the material before Kitty was ready to do her Thing!

In any case here are some lovely shots of Kitty & Sally doing what they both love!

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