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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

They grow up so quickly!

Our foals are getting bigger! They are too funny when you watch them play "Tag" or "Duck, Duck, Goose" out in the pasture...everyone is beginning to have quite an individual personality, so they are behaving less like little babies and more of their adult personality is showing through.

Dolce is very funny as she is the oldest and she likes to boss the boys around...typical big sister, right? Most of the time she can not be bothered to play in their games. After all, she is a big girl and too mature for silliness...

Dru is all boy. He likes to play with Dolce (who is a larger version with very similar markings & mannerisms) and trys to ignore Louie. Maybe Louie is not cool enough? Or it could be that he has a different father? Who knows...

Louie is a mama's boy who is a bit more reserved when it comes to play time. In his opinion, it is fine to play tag if he initiates the game but if one of the other foals decides it's time to play, he retreats to his mother's side. Such a silly boy!

And last but certainly not least is Wilson...who is too funny!
Personality wise he is a bit like Dru (a macho fellow) but he is also quite similar to Louie (a mama's boy), so with this very colorful personality - it is never dull watching him out in the pasture! :)

But when it is all said and done...who can resist this sweet face?

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