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Friday, June 5, 2009

Group foal video

It was actually NOT raining a few days ago, so we shot some video of all the foals out at pasture.

So, while it is not a formal presentation of the babies, the video gives you a bit of insight into their personalities and temperaments. :)

Everyone now has an official name for showing purposes and an around the barn name, too!

Dolce Elise WF is best known as Dolce but most of you already know that as she has been with us for over a month now. Wow! May went by quickly, don't you think???

Aloysius WF is better known as Louie.

Drummond WF is better known as Dru. It can be hard to distinguish who's who when looking at Dru and Dolce as they are a similar color and have similar markings. However, one is all BOY and she is a grown up, mature lady (most of the time), so it helps if they are in close proximity to one another. Then you can watch their mannerisms and that really helps... :) It is certainly safe to say that Dressage Royal stamps his offspring as these two look like peas out of the same pod.

And Wilson WF is most definitely Wilson or Wil around the barn. He is really coming into his own...just a solidly nice fellow with super angles and a delightful personality. He was an absolute star while his momma got her feet tended to the other day, quietly observing the procedure and very quiet about the whole situation. Such a good boy!

Kitty is off to Plantation Field's June Horse Trials with Sally tomorrow. I'm the driver/groom for the day, so the video camera and digital are going along as well. Check back for images and footage late tomorrow night!

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