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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Wizard WF (Waldaire/Again & Again) Licensed!!!

Our little Wizard WF a.k.a. Oz is now licensed for breeding by the AWR!

His dam Abracadabra WF delivered him just in the wee hours of May 20, 2006 with my assistance. As I peeled the placenta away from his face and then his front legs the only thing I could think was how much this little horse looked like my boy Wally! So I said, "Hello Wally!" and began to towel him dry.

He went on to be the Champion Horse at his foal inspection with an overall 8.0 score and at the conclusion of the Inspection Tour was named Top Foal in North America! He also attended the Fair Hill Breed Show in August and was Reserve Champion Colt. So not a shabby beginning for the minature Waldaire.

As he has grown and developed we are constantly amazed by exactly how similar he is to Waldaire. There are several standard jokes about how he is a Shrinky-Dink version of Wally or that I put Wally into the laundry on a HOT cycle and, like a wool sweater, Oz is the result! That is not to say that his dam & her genetics had little impact but the resemblance is uncanny when you see Waldaire and then get a glimpse of is just amazing!

So it was with great joy, we presented Oz to the AWR at our 2008 October Inspection for his preliminary licensing. HE PASSED!!!!!

So please enjoy the photo montage of the little colt who is fast becoming a lovely stallion.

FYI - We have no plans to stand him at stud for the time being. Sorry...he will begin his undersaddle career first.

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