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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Avebury WF at Sporthorse Training, Inc.

Earlier this fall, mom & I conspired to give our younger stallion Avebury WF (Adamant x Dynasty by Dekor) a more rounded life experience with the help of our young horse starter, Roddy Strang.

"Dillon" moved over to his lively farm near Kirkwood, PA for a few months and has learned all about cattle, chickens, Amish teams, more trail riding & jumping in the open...all very important things that our youngster typically learn about around three years of age.

So here are some photos of the big fellow in his 'other' clothes with Roddy aboard!

Dillon has his 'thinking ears' on here...He will return here to Watermark Farm for the 2009 breeding season and competition season, although we realize he will miss his favorite turn out buddies - the long horned cow & her two mini friends.

Our thanks go out to Roddy & Barb Strang for helping our boy get to see there is more to life than the inside of a measured arena!

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