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Sunday, December 7, 2008

The cheat sheet as to who's who in the barn!

Since we have had so many horses over the years, it is easier to give everyone access to a list of names and photos so you can have an idea of who is who!

But before I go to the horses...this is Oreo - the resident assistant trainer -

Abundance "Bundy"
1965 Imported Hanoverian stallion
(Absatz x Diadem by Dominus)
The stallion that started the dream of breeding exceptional horses here in the United States. Abundance was a successful riding, driving (single, pairs), eventing, jumping and FEI dressage horse - along with 15 years of foxhunting to his credit. Several sons were licensed for breeding including Again & Again, Adamant and Absolute.

Able Spirit WF "Prissy"
(Abundance x Today I'm Trying xx)
1979 American Warmblood Registry (AWR) mare

One of our most successful FEI horses (10 years competing internationally). She was Reserve Champion Mare at DAD in the mid 80's, AHS HOY at PSG in 1996 and the dam of Showtime WF, Savannah WF & Sabrina WF.

1979 AWR mare
(Abundance x Miss Chain Link xx)
FEI horse, eventer extrodinaire, dam of Southern Leigh WF & Smart WF.


1972 AHS gelding
(Abundance x The Flirt xx)
Out of The Flirt and one of our first Abundance offspring to be trained up through the FEI levels. Full sister evented with Sally Cousins through Intermediate.

Again and Again "Chip"

1978 AWR stallion
(Abundance x Nobody Much xx)
Anne's pride & joy - her Grand Prix stallion. Full brother to Rushton, Ruxton & Jackie Blue. Prepotent for his exceptional movement, good hunter form over fences and powerful engagement. Excellent damsire and hereditary transmitter of the A line qualities.

Adamant "Addy"
1977 AWR stallion
(Abundance x Villa May xx)
Mr. User Friendly, FEI horse, super foxhunter and competitve event horse. Extremely prepotent for exemplary temperament in his get in addition to his length of leg.

Able and Ready "Bucky"
1978 PHR stallion
(Abundance x Today I'm Trying xx)
Bill's jumper stallion. Full brother to Able Spirit WF.

Alacazam "Tubby"
1986 PHR gelding
(Again & Again x Call Me Kate xx)
The family horse - Anne's young superstar who was kind enough to have success internationally at age 8 with Emily in the FEI levels& then went on to have a Grand Prix career with Anne, Emily & Ellie. Full brother to Abracadabra WF.

Abracadabra WF "Emmy"

1988 AWR mare
(Again & Again x Call Me Kate xx)
Our little hot mama! Full sister to Alacazam with a bit more bravery and dam to Wakanda WF, Wizard WF, Whodini WF & Dreamcatcher WF.

Alexis Carrington WF "Lexy"
2004 AWR mare
(Adamant x Dynasty WF)
A lady through & through, full sister to Atreo WF, Avebury WF & All I Want.

As You Wish WF "Kitty"
2001 AWR mare
(Adamant x Volante)
This is our future eventing super star! Dam to Wilona WF.

Avebury WF "Dillon"

2001 AWR stallion
(Adamant x Dynasty WF)
The sweetest, kindest stallion we have ever had with enough power from his hindquarters to make you dream of jumping big fences even if you are a DQ. Full brother to Atreo WF, Alexis Carrington WF & All I Want.

Atreo WF "Tray"
1996 AWR gelding
(Adamant x Dynasty WF)
The Big Black with a beautiful face and gentle nature. Full brother to Avebury WF, Alexis Carrington WF & All I Want.

All I Want
1997 PHR mare
(Adamant x Dynasty WF)
Full sister to Avebury WF, Atreo WF & Alexis Carrington WF.

Artesian WF "Artie"

1996 AWR gelding
(Again and Again x Aly Alice xx)
Smartie Artie is the one who thinks the hardest FEI movements are a cakewalk. Full brother to Amelia WF.

Adelaide WF "Addie"
2004 AWR mare
(Adamant x Aly Alice xx)
Karin's pride & joy.

Amelia WF
2002 AWR mare
(Again & Again x Aly Alice xx)
Our last Again & Again daughter. Dam of Wylie WF & Wichita Rose WF.

Achtung Again WF "Lily"

1991 AWR mare
(Again & Again x Teasing Shadow xx)
Anne's favorite mare to ride! Competed through 4th level and dam of Waterlily WF & Daylily WF. Lily is a valuable broodmare due to her dam's bloodlines - Sir George Gaylord/Royal Warrior/Tintagel...add that to Again and Again's...well, I don't need to explain any further, do I? Her daughters are treasures in our breeding program.

Aly Alice xx "Alice"
1990 TB mare
(Aly North x Hot Beat by Bold Lad/Vilmorin)
One of our retired broodmares. Dam of Artesian WF, Amelia WF, Adelaide WF, Wallace WF and now part of the MacKnew family's breeding program.


1965 Rhineland imported stallion
(Durchlaucht x Raute von Steinhausen by Radetzky)
A treasure of the Westphalian Verband who stood here in the 1980's thanks to the generosity of his owner Marlene. He is the predecessor of the famous D x R line cross with his grandsires being Duellant & case the beautiful head didn't give it away!

Double Bounce
1987 AWR mare
(Dekor x Today I'm Trying xx)
Ellie's first horse to start from birth and journey together to Grand Prix. Super jumper, superb foxhunter and now schoolmistress for the farm. Full sister to Detente, Dynamite & Dynasty WF.

Dynasty WF
1983 AWR mare
(Dekor x Today I'm Trying xx)
Campaigned in the modified jumpers with an Amateur, dam of Atreo WF, Alexis Carrington WF, Avebury WF & All I Want.


1984 PHR Gelding
(Dekor x Today I'm Trying xx)
He was the Top non-TB Yearling in PA and placed at all the
Hunter Breeding shows in the Mid-Atlantic. Campaigned as an Open Jumper up & down the East Coast in the 90's.

Detente "Coltie"
1986 PHR Gelding
(Dekor x Today I'm Trying xx)
Campaigned in the modified jumpers in Wellington, low level dressage and was a delight for his owners.

Duell Anastasia "Annie" or "The Madam"
1980 Imported Australian Hanoverian
(Duell Schuetz x Remake xx by Make Haste)
13 years of CDI competition, 5 riders earned their USDF Gold Medals and now retired here at the farm. She is the Grand Lady of the pasture at this point - enjoying a well earned retirement!

Dressage Royal
1998 Westphalian stallion
(Donnerhall x Rosalie by Rubenstein)
Dorit & Hermann Kothe's superstar of a sire who we are lucky enough to be able to utilize in our breeding program and offer to the US as his sole agents. More information can be found here - and on our website on his various pages.

Don William WF "Liam"
2007 AWR gelding
(Dressage Royal x Savannah WF)
Our first Dressage Royal foal! Liam is the second sweetest horse we have! He craves kisses and wants to climb into your lap for a cuddle...sort of like a Labrador at its sweetest & most cuddly.

Daylily WF "Stella"
2007 AWR filly
(Dressage Royal x Achtung Again WF)
The little black pearl out of Anne's favorite mare, Lily, by the incomparable Dressage Royal. Kind, sweet & fancy - just the way we like them!

Dream Girl WF "Daisy"
2008 AWR filly
(Dressage Royal x Savannah WF)
Another Dressage Royal filly but it is hard to see him as this filly is a clone of her great-granddam Able Spirit. I semi-jokingly refer to her as LP - short for Little Prissy!

Dreamcatcher WF "McDreamy" or "Derek"
2008 AWR colt
(Dressage Royal x Abracadabra WF)
The youngest of the 2008 foals, McDreamy is just that. And if you've never watched Grey's Anatomy (the first season), well, just think of him as a ridiculously handsome horse with great hair and that extra special quality that draws you in closer, closer and closer still. He makes you covet him, plain & simple.

South American Way "Bobby"
1984 TB stallion
(Landscaper x Tabita)
Our Abundance ladies needed a bit of improvement, so Bobby came to the farm as a young stallion and went on to event successfully and eventually trained all the way up to Grand Prix with Emily.

Smart WF "Tasker"
1995 AWR gelding
(South American Way x Aurora)
The incomparable Tasker - creative, bright and very sweet. Full brother to Southern Leigh WF.

Sabrina WF

1996 AWR mare
(South American Way x Able Spirit WF)
Sabrina had a brief stint in the hunters & dressage before replacing her dam Able Spirit in the breeding shed. Dam to Ruben WF, Wei WF & Wolfgang WF. Full sister to Savannah WF & Showtime WF.

Southern Leigh WF "Leigh"
1997 AWR mare
(South American Way x Aurora)
Leigh had a series of misfortunes as a youngster, so she hasn't had a competitive career. What she has done very well is make fantastic foals - Woodruff WF, Westbrook WF & Westerleigh WF. Full sister to Smart WF.

Savannah WF
1999 AWR mare
(South American Way x Able Spirit WF)
The mare who makes clones of the sires of her foals! Savannah hit it out of the park with her first colt Wyatt WF and each foal just keeps getting better than its predecessors! Dam of Wyatt WF, Windsor WF, Don William WF & Dream Girl WF.

Showtime WF "Chester"
2001 AWR gelding
(South American Way x Able Spirit WF)
The quitessential show horse who has a lovely home in Carolin Krome's barn. Chester did have one filly before being gelded and going on to his career in the Adult Hunter division, now with many Championships to his credit. Full brother to Savananh WF & Sabrina WF.

Ruben WF "Roo"
2004 AWR gelding
(Rosentau x Sabrina WF)
Janet's baby boy.

Waldaire "Wally"
1989 Hanoverian stallion
(Waldgott x Aries by Adios III)
Ellie's dream horse with a perfect temperament combined with the best work ethic and natural desire to please. His consolidated damline is the source of his unmatched prepotency in the breeding shed.
Successful Grand Prix competitor with 43 National USDF HOY awards to his credit and scores as high as 82.96% in recognized competition.

Wallace WF "Lacy"
2005 AWR mare
(Waldaire x Aly Alice xx)
The littlest foal of her birth year is now about to pass the 17 hand mark! She is very attuned to her handler/rider's mood and is incredibly sweet natured.

Wakanda WF "Wendy"
2005 AWR mare
(Waldaire x Abracadabra WF)
The little powerhouse of a horse! What Wendy lacks in inches she makes up for in movement! Fancy, fancy, fancy! Full sister to Wizard WF & Whodini WF.

Wilona WF "Lona"
2006 AWR filly
(Waldaire x As You Wish WF)
The first to come up to a person in her pasture to see what's up...Lona is an in your pocket type of horse.

Wylie WF

2006 AWR filly
(Waldaire x Amelia WF)
Gifted with her grand-daddy's trot from the very beginning, Wylie has a limitless future ahead of her. Of all the Waldaire/Again & Again fillies - this is the one that reminds me most of him in terms of movement. Full sister to Wichita Rose WF.

Wei WF "Bea"
2006 AWR filly
(Waldaire x Sabrina WF)
Bea is Sabrina's ET daughter but if I didn't know better, I would say she was her great-granddam reincarnated - she is THAT reminiscent of Today I'm Trying. Full sister to Wolfgang WF.

Wizard WF "Oz"

2006 AWR stallion
(Waldaire x Abracadabra WF)
Oz is a clone of Wally who will mature out around 16.1 hands. When he was born, I sat back and said, "Hello Wally!" as I felt like I was attending the delivery of my stallion...just 17 years later.

Windsor WF "Peter"
2006 AWR gelding
(Weltmeyer x Savannah WF)
Our second Weltmeyer born here on the farm, full brother to Wyatt WF.

Wyatt WF

2004 AWR gelding
(Weltmeyer x Savannah WF)
My first Weltmeyer. Can you say I am in love? Powerful gaits. Really powerful gaits. Re-eally powerful gaits. Sparkling personality. *contented sigh* Full brother to Windsor WF.

Wolfgang WF "Puck"

2008 AWR colt
(Waldaire x Sabrina WF)
Sabrina's colorful contribution to the possible stallion candidate list. Sweet, correct & very free moving. Oh, did I forget to mention he has chrome? Full brother to Wei WF.

Westbrook WF "Glenn"
(Waldaire x Southern Leigh WF)
Leigh's second foal who sadly had to be euthanized as a yearling due to an injury.

Westerleigh WF "Joy"
2008 AWR filly
(Waldaire x Southern Leigh WF)
With her Donnerhall type socks up front and a distinctive star, Joy is a hoot! Powerful gaits & excellent conformation are her most outstanding qualities.

Waterlily WF "Millie"
2006 AWR mare
(Waldaire x Achtung Again WF)
Lily gave us a lovely Wally filly who happens to be a clone of herself...just with a smoother topline & (although we didn't think it was possible) a sweeter temper.

Wichita Rose WF "Rosie"
2007 AWR filly
(Waldaire x Amelia WF)
Amelia outdid herself! Wylie WF (her first foal by Waldaire) was very, very nice. Rosie is exceptional...and not just in terms of height!

Whodini WF "Dini"
2007 AWR gelding
(Waldaire x Abracadabra WF)
Emmy made another little clone of Wakanda WF & Wizard WF. Perhaps we should branch out into driving as he would make up a matching pair & and a spare? Something to think about for the future to say the least!

Wallstreet Rose
1999 AWR mare
(Wallstreet Kid x Flashpoint xx)
Gretta joined up after having a lovely start in South Carolina with a nice background in hunters, a bit of eventing & some low level dressage. She has had one foal by Waldaire (Wall Street WF) and is expecting her second in 2009.

Wall Street WF "Hansel"
2007 AWR gelding
(Waldaire x Wallstreet Rose)
Gretta passed her shiny black colt and distinctive facial structure along to this sweet boy! Hansel has his mama's long eyelashes and relaxed demeanor. He is a star in the making!

Wyncote WF "Cody"
2007 AWR gelding
(Waldaire x Southern Leigh WF)
Leigh certainly stamps her boys - they get her chrome plus a bit from the stallion! Oh, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the amazing elasticity & power that is a uniform trait with them, too. Full brother to Westerleigh WF & Westbrook WF.

Woodruff WF "Clay"
2004 AWR gelding
(Wolkentanz I x Southern Leigh WF)
Ginger's baby boy.

Johnny B. Good "Johnny"
1993 gelding
Our quirky I2 schoolmaster who is The One to ride when you want to learn how to do flying changes. Big gaits are combined with some of the less than stellar attributes from Voltaire but he does know his job!

Debutaunte "Deb"
1990 Hanoverian mare
(Dahlwitz/Wendekreis/Weisenbaum xx)
Our schoolmistress who has had foals by Idocus & Wonderful. Quite the character and excellent teacher! Hopefully she'll have a Waldaire foal in 2010.

Reference names & faces:

Today I'm Trying xx
1969 TB mare
One of our foundation mares who consistently outproduced herself. Dam of Able & Ready, Able Spirit WF, Dynamite, Dynasty WF, Detente, Double Bounce and 3 foals that were sold prior to naming.

Volante "Snuffy" or "Snuffaluffagus"

1985 PHR mare
By the Olympic medal winning eventing stallion Volturno out of With Rhythm who was the winner of the fast time award at the Radnor Three Day with Denny Emerson aboard. Dam of As You Wish WF by Adamant. Snuffy competed Preliminary with Emily & Ellie and PSG with Emily as well as doing the 3'9" jumpers with Ellie prior to retiring to the breeding shed.

Villa May "Spooky"
1965 TB mare
Dam of Adamant, Daylight Mist & Dekorum acquired from Al Steiert in the late 70's.

Valentino (registered name Wirbold)
1969 TB gelding
Bill's wedding present to Anne who trained this TB up through Grand Prix and evented through Intermediate.

Nobody Much
1961 TB mare
Dam of Again & Again, Ruxton, Rushton, Jackie Blue, The Alchemist and several other foals by Abundance.

Call Me Kate
1977 TB mare
Dam of Alacazam & Abracadabra WF.

Miss Chain Link "Caroline"
1969 TB mare
Dam of Abelard & Aurora.

Teasing Shadow
1982 TB mare
Dam of Porter (Loredo), Derringer (Dekor) and Achtung Again WF "Lily" by Again & Again.

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