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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cool stuff around the farm before the day begins!

I sit looking past the monitor towards the outdoor ring typing away each morning - answering and sending out emails. This is my down time that gives me some time to organize the 'what HAS to be done today' list. :) But it is also turning into episodes of Wild Watermark on Display! Let me explain....

About 2 weeks ago, I got to watch the male peregrine falcon perch on the ring fence and then dive bomb the stand of bamboo and take his breakfast away with him. Same routine the next morning, only he chose to stand on the ground beneath the overhanging branches and then plunge up into the leaves to get his snack. This morning he was back again! He picked a 'swoop and dive technique' and was back again in about 15 minutes for a second course. But the falcon is not the only visitor of the wild variety...the resident dog fox trotted the perimeter of the outdoor yesterday and poked at the frozen puddle by C. What a gorgeous fox he it, too! Great mask & full brush...really stunning and healthy.

Mom was working Lacy a few weeks ago and the female peregrine swooped into the indoor and helped herself to a pigeon. From the scattered feathers that we find each week, that too is a common part of the peregrine's week. Of course, we don't complain as the pigeons are a nuisance.

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