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Friday, December 12, 2008

Babies at large

Who are YOU?? Babies first meeting...

As it is a blustery afternoon, I decided to put together a bit of a slideshow of the various babies doing what babies do best...

You might ask yourself, what is it that babies do BEST?

The simple answer is 'to be so gosh-darn-cute!' :)

So enjoy the photos!

The first series is my homage to the pesky fly...

And now for the AWWWW moments...

And if only their necks were a bit longer...

And last but not least - some of them like to be FAST!!!


  1. Love the baby shots. How did you get the ones with the ears. They are great.

  2. The bug shots are from late May or early June foals. For some reason the pesky flies bother them, so it is just a matter of having a fast shutter and catching them when they shake!

  3. OHmygosh, I'm going to bookmark this post and refer to it whenever I'm having a bad day! :)